Content- Has Anything Changed?

I was just speaking to a colleague the other day about the evolution of internet marketing, and it’s kind of fun to take a look back and where we started. I began marketing on the “web” back in the early 90’s with a 14400 modem,  the mosaic browser and posting ads on CompuServe and Prodigy.  Remember those companies?  It wasn’t until the mid 90’s when we began paying $79. to Network Solutions for the opportunity to have our own web address.

As the years evolved so did the internet (and fortunately I did too).   The means by which we attract and communicate with clients is vastly different, and the competition is is now fierce.  In the late 1990’s, I became a mortgage broker and I founded– one of the first successful online mortgage companies.  LoanBiz allowed us – as a local Mortgage Brokerage, to reach a broader audience, communicate with people outside of our community, and connect home buyers with lender programs with which they were not aware.  The success was based upon content. As a result of the online presence of, contentmany homebuyers in California were provided an opportunity to purchase and a local mortgage brokerage had an opportunity to close loans all over the state of California.  Home Buyers and clients called us because of our content- the information they read.

Online marketing has evolved from posting ads in the 90’s to providing carefully crafted copy today with the intent of getting an end user to take advantage of a “call to action.”  Consumers are now tracked and offers manipulated in order to target their specific needs and patterns. The behaviors are tracked via cookies, and calculated offers are presented based upon their activities.

The internet has come a long way since Prodigy.

I still believe knowledge is power… and the more relevant content you can provide to visitors, the more you can thrive.  The internet has changed greatly, but people are pretty much the same.  Give them what they need, and they will become your customer. Contact me if you want to discuss your current online marketing… or if you want to share stories about the Prodigy days:)