Just Released How to Buy a House….

How to Buy a House and Walk Away a Winner…Save Thousands of Dollars by Outsmarting Banks, Sellers, and Realtors® is now published and available for purchase.   The book is available in paperwork and as an electronic version through Amazon Kindle.   The great thing about the kindle version, is that you really don’t need to read it on an actual Kindle.  You can check it out via a Kindle app on a desktop or even on your phone.

I wanted to write a basic guidebook to help out home buyers.  The book is pretty much a step by step “how to” on buying a house and touches on everything from getting your credit in order to signing the closing documents.  I added some anecdotes from different scenarios I have come across through my experiences in representing home buyers.

I have a couple of additional projects set to be released throughout the year.  Hopefully, the material I am working on will provide some good content for clients and it will help people have a greater understanding of the real estate and mortgage industry.

If you need real estate content for your own website, contact me and I will be glad to discuss how I can assist you. A lot of the content out there is written by non industry people, and the effectiveness in terms of getting traffic is less than stellar.  I only create original material- no pre-spun articles.

How to Buy a House and Walk Away a Winner