Content Marketing

As an experienced marketing professional, most of my work has involved content marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the real estate and mortgage industries.   I am able to create an overall strategy (or mentor your own staff to create one), and produce effective content to boost results.  I’m frequently called upon to consult with individuals as well as companies to assist with content marketing and overall strategy.


Content is King but generic content alone will not take you where you need to be.  You need targeted content generated and optimized for a strategic purpose.  One or two random blog posts won’t get the results you need, and having an effective content strategy can supplement or surpass the effectiveness of pay per click ads.What if you can get more visits to your site and decrease the cost for the new traffic and exposure?  What if rather than paying for one click, you ad stays up for the life of your site- or until you decide to move on to something else. Professionally written and optimized content adjusted for market changes, competitors, trends, and customer needs can increase traffic while reducing overall costs. Contact me today for a free 30 minute consultation.

Content Production

If you already have a marketing strategy in place and just need someone to provide professionally written content, I can provide that too. Although I do a great deal of work in the real estate and mortgage industry,  I am often called upon to fill needs in other areas of content writing.   I am particular eager to do so when it’s something with which I have knowledge or experience.  Lucky for clients… I have a lot of experience! In addition to providing effective copy, I’ve been published on some of the top sites and my work has been read by people all over the world. Email Me if you want your blog or website to be as awesome as some of the other sites on which I have worked.

Have an Idea?

Contact me with your ideas as well.  Do you have ideas on any of my projects or do you have an idea on how I can assist in making your project even better?  Send me a message… I’d love to brainstorm with you.  Whether you need content for a new project, you have an idea that you need to get off of the ground, or you need to know how to target a specific audience, send me a message and I will be glad to schedule a time when we can discuss in detail. I work with individuals as well as companies… so no idea and no request for help is too small or too large.  Fill out a contact form and let’s see how I can help.

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